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Books by Sir Patrick Bijou

Sir Patrick Bijou (born 1958) is a British investment banker, UN Ambassador and peace tract, senior sovereign judge of the International Court of Justice-ICC, fund manager, and published author. Sir Patrick Bijou began his career as a chartered private banker with Wells Fargo in 1986. In 2001, Sir Patrick started working for Deutsche Bank as a Level 7 banker and analyst.    

Sir Patrick established his expertise in debt capital markets, private placements, and structured products. Throughout his varied and wide-ranging career, Sir Patrick has seen a lot of changes to the financial sector.    

Sir Patrick Bijou

has worked as an adviser and investment adviser to clients as varied as governments, banking institutions, and corporations. Sir Patrick has helped major corporations establish new lending facilities for international supply chains, SMEs, public sectors, and clients in various financial products, and has been a Senior Advisor to Governments. Sir Patricks core competencies include strategic planning, investment banking, financial modeling, financial analysis, portfolio management, and project management.    

In addition to his vast senior banking experience, he has traded on Wall Street. He lives and writes in the UK, and is the author of several books in finance and fiction. In fact, he is a global citizen, and this has significantly influenced his writing.    

The topic of secrets of riches is very profound, but Sir Patrick has managed to cover up basic principles lessons on secrets to building a lasting fortune. This book will light up your understanding while trying to discuss the various RoRs and cons of Money, Current Banking & Financial Systems, and the New World Order.    

This book is a call to action, this book is for everyone ready to take it. It is absolutely destructive for humanity if we fail to take note of, and follow, the guidance in World Peace Tracts.    

Sir Patrick has created characters who resonate with you, who inject a sense of life into everything that he writes. Highly committed to building long-lasting professional relationships built on transparency and professionalism, Sir Patrick responded about the importance of learning more about the people we interact with every day. People will hear the fact that even someone with my rank and file, I am also capable of making a difference to my rank colleagues at the United Nations, just like I am with my colleagues as judges.    

Captain Rhoudz Forester and Officer Analidze Scherherd are about to learn how. When the abductions begin happening, Captain Rhudz Forester and her group are at risk of being discovered, particularly because one of those leading the charge is an extremely smart, no-nonsense FBI Agent such as Analidze Sherherd. Agent Analidze Sherherd is determined to solve the case and find the missing girls, if that is the last thing he does.    

Find My Books Sir Patrick has written more than 21 published fiction and nonfiction books in multiple genres. After two years, he became an asset manager for the Tiger Fund, a role that lasted four years.    

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